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Our Mission

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What we do

We present to athletes and coaches and all who the influence the challenge and adventure of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and serving Him in there relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

How we do it


A week of challenging "inspiration and perspiration" for athletes and coaches with their families through Sports, Coaches, Leadership and Athletic Camps. Camp speakers challenge campers to a deeper relationship with Christ so they may return home and become influences for Christ in their schools and communities.


FCA's Campus ministry consist of bible studies or what we like to call huddles, which are held on elementary to college campuses.  FCA's huddles give athletes and students a place on campus to come hear the gospel of Jesus Christ presented, connect with their peers and encourage one another to stand up for their faith on campus.  


The task of staff and volunteers to supply the administrative, programmatic and financial foundations for the ministry. FCA strives to develop long-standing relationships with its Teammates and donors, and like the best of friends, wants to stay in touch with FCA alumni.

Providing adult fellowship while giving FCA's Huddles and staff stability through personal and financial resources. Adult volunteers help out at local events, raise funds for Huddle resources and Camp scholarships, or may provide refreshments for a weekly Huddle meeting.


The "coach" is the central figure in the sports culture. FCA recognizes the coach as the most influential person in American culture today. FCA desires to minister to all coaches of all sports of all levels. We recognize that all coaches are at a different place in their spiritual journey, so we desire to serve them however they will allow.

Our Vision and Ministry Approach

Christ Centered ... focus of our message

Bible Based ... source of our authority

Spiritually Nurturing ... helping people know and grow in Christ

Church Involved ... evangelist in nature, we stress individual involvement in the local church for the purpose of being discipled and service

School Identified ... targeting the jr. high, sr. high and college campuses as the greatest mission fields in America, we establish an on-campus presence through athletically focused weekly huddle meetings

Athletically Focused ... to and through athletes and coaches

Volunteer Intensive ... mobilizing adults through the Adult Chapter program to help accomplish the mission

Faith Financed ... The dynamic ministry that takes place on campuses across Central California is made possible through the faithful financial support of individuals, churches and organizations moved by God to give